SENsory Goodies for under £10

I’ve been enjoying some downtime in week number one of the three week stretch I have off. Yes, the “you’ve got six weeks off?!” and “you’re so lucky to have the summer off” are expressions which vex me and are somewhat a myth for many within FE; it’s actually one of our busiest times of the year in terms of supporting prospective students and their families on their transition journey as both A Level and GCSE results day looms.

Nonetheless it’s been lovely to catch-up on some long overdue tasks – tedious, yet oh so satisfying! Whilst on errands I’ve spotted a few excellent items for which I could instantly see alternative benefits and uses for, inexpensively too! I thought I’d share some of them with you; the focus is particularly for those with sensory difficulties, autism and high levels of anxiety.

Many of the items I am sharing have been successfully used within a mainstream FE environment with high impact. Do let me know if you find other great little bargains or if you have particular success with any of the recommendations below.


Item: LED Multi-coloured Waterproof Light Orb
Price: £3.00
Where: Maplin
Online: Buy Here

Thanks to the generosity of the lovely people at Maplin, I have some of these to give away! If you’re on Twitter, head over to my account (@JosephBaldwin) and simply retweet my pinned tweet to enter.

Item: LED Colour Changing Bulbs with remote control
Price: £6.99
Where: Aldi
Online: Buy Here

Thanks to @aspiemermaid for sharing this fab little find on Twitter. These bulbs come with remote controls offering great versatility with colour-changing and effect options. Bulbs are available in a range of different fittings (GU10 / GLS ES / GLS BC).

Item: Handheld Prismatic Projector
Price: £9.20
Where: Lifesytle Checkout Ltd (via Amazon)
Online: Buy Here




Item: Flashing Brush Bracelet
Price: £4.99
Where: The Glowhouse (via Amazon)
Online: Buy Here





Item: Stretch Lizard (4 pack)
Price: £0.99
Where: Sensamart (via Amazon)
Online: Buy Here

These lizards are fab – they’re durable, discreet and at 25p each you can’t go wrong. We use these with students who struggle to hold attention and focus. We also use them for students who experience high anxiety during the day as a diversion technique.


Item: Tangle (3 pack)
Price: £6.95
Where: The Training Shop Kit (via Amazon)
Online: Buy Here




Item: Twist and Lock Blocks (2 pack)
Price: £2.21
Where: Keycraft (via Amazon)
Online: Buy Here


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